Honoring Heroes and Survivors of Cardiac Arrest

Heroes for LifeThe Heroes for Life program enables ZOLL and SCA survivors to recognize all those who help save a life using a ZOLL AED. There’s a lot that goes into a sudden cardiac arrest rescue. From the person who decided to purchase the AED and you, the distributor who sold it, to the bystander that used the AED and the EMS team providing the next line of critical care — everyone’s efforts made a difference. You can provide an opportunity for participants to be celebrated through our Heroes for Life program.

There are many ways to recognize the participants of a rescue, ranging from a simple photo opportunity to an all-out event with news and PR to promote the story locally. And, as part of our Heroes for Life program, when a survivor agrees to share their ZOLL AED save story, he or she will be presented with a ZOLL AED to donate to their charity of choice.

Customers can learn more at our ZOLL Heroes for Life website, or if you know of a ZOLL AED save story and would like to honor the participants, please reach out to your regional manager.